The Nerdy Massage Gal can't wait to introduce her touch to your skin. . .

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You want to be explored. You want to let your stress go. You yearn for a euphoric feeling. You want to feel nurtured by a woman.

Imagine the feminine circumstance of mature and knowledgeable hands rubbing you all over and feeling every deliberate touch. I want to make your illusion real. You’re seeking a magical experience, one that embodies a natural beauty with a friendly smile, a down to earth, grounded, energy that gives you comfort and relaxation and with a genuine sincerity of stimulating conversation, you have found her. You want sensuality, nurturing energy and therapeutic relief.

I want to discover want makes you tingle, gives you goosebumps and makes you temperature rise.

Perhaps you need an escape into a dark beautiful zone where your outside world is the myth. Answer that call. It’s private just for you and no one else is to know.

I don’t mind if you call OR text me, ☎ 213.534.8981
And feel free to visit for pics, videos, info, friends to and to book.

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