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Yoga poses are always the solution.

Why do I want to meet YOU?

I consider being with an admirer a sensual, broadening and bonding experience. I have much to offer…and so do you! I want to get the real you, your body, mind, & spirit and use that newly acquired knowledge to turn our session into a sense awakening, mind broadening experience.

Why should you meet ME?

I suspect and hope it’s for the same reason I’d like to meet you. You’re looking to make a connection with someone that gave up all traces of negativity and drama. I am based in Colorado but spend a lot of time in San Francisco. I am real, I have a warm that will make you feel alive, special. You come to me for peace, serenity, understanding, maybe a few great jokes over a glass or a plate of tasty something …in its purest form, with an open heart.
I practice yoga, been to seminars, tried to contort myself into picture-perfect poses (sorry, still working on that) and absorbed the wisdom and positive energy of masters from different countries.

...And I can’t wait to enjoy you.


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