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It's a gift to be able to feel powerfully. A lot of people don't have the juice to really take it there, for any number of reasons including ignorance that such a state even exists. Naturally however fires that burn that hot are pretty dangerous and you have to take some care; you just do. It's my own responsibility to do so and there's no template. This is not scary, this is's the finery of life...the truly advanced tactics. It is a very direct display of special strengths.

So in turn, it makes me want to...

Make these lovers smile wider and come harder and bring the laughter from them so definitively it will be like they never laughed before. Touch them softer with more love in the fingers...kiss them from their little toes on up, listen, learn, love fearlessly and with minimal concern for context or future convenience. Ride the lightning bolt and let the wind do to your hairdo what it will.....

Feel smart. Feel special. Feel equal, with the full realization that there's only so far that kind of thing goes for anyone. Live in that untouchable space; my sphere is my own and it's invaluable.

Don't wait...THIS is the status I've been after. These are the thoughts, these are the feelings...this is the life, and it's more amazing -while at the same time much more real-than I'd ever imagined.

It's tasty and it's fun, it's self-serving and also inherently compassionate and altruistic.

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Aurora incall in private, gated community. Please do not inquire for incall unless prepared to travel here.

Outcalls available for additional fee at my discretion.

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