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Kimberly Bently · (719)487-4076 · Denver Escort

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Adorable Blonde w/Blue Eyes & Highly Reviewed! Love what I do & participate in Sensual Domination!

I’m down to earth, sassy, funny, but always exciting and with a willingness to open your eyes to new experiences. A True Girlfriend, but better!! My sexy and sensual charms will etch every minute you spend with me in your memory so that you will want to return over and over again.

What is it like to know that you always wanted to try that certain 'something' but knew you couldn't confide to your wife, girlfriend, partner? Every day that itch would grow and grow until you didn't know what else to do than to seek someone who would provide that certain something without fear, judgment, or embarrassment but rather a beautiful smile on her face....a quintessential lady who is able to help with your needs while providing you with the time of your life.

You are not only able to scratch that itch but have a wonderful time in a safe, secure setting. You laugh, talk, play, relax and are provided with a smile on your face for the rest of the day courtesy of. Be forewarned I am extremely addictive and have a repertoire that even the most seasoned of men can only imagine but even if you believe you have experienced everything life has to offer you have yet to experience them from someone like me!

I look forward to meeting you soon! Until then your imagination is a wonderful thing! One last note make sure you read my blog for a sampling of my musings...

Now on to the particulars. You may schedule by email, phone, or my preferred method on my website. I do require screening so please be prepared to provide references from other providers including their contacting information. I am unable to work last minute and if you are wanting an appointment before noon then please contact me the evening prior at the latest.

BTW~I am based in Colorado Springs which is approximately an hour from downtown Denver, which makes it difficult to 'pop' up there and at times I require a two hour minimum.

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