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Hayley Quinn · (720)522-0909 · Denver Escort

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Your New Favorite Freckled Addiction

Naturally, I am down to earth with an undeniable positive outlook and a very strong desire to learn. Conversations will feel effortless as a result of my almost to open mind and free spirit. If we're being honest I'm also a bit of a goofball and quite the sucker for puns. Being in my early 20's, I crave experiences, trying new activities, tasting new cuisines, and exploring new cities. To put it more simply, I'm curious. Due to my strong desire to grow, you will find that I am educated, well traveled and undoubtedly well beyond my years.

Most of my life has been spent around the arts, therefore, I have an immense appreciation for beauty and a strong sense of self-presentation and the importance first impressions.

My strawberry blonde hair and a countless number of freckles give me a look that is far from average. With such a unique appearance and such a divine eye for fashion, I'm used to being watched, something I now find pleasure in, I've developed an effortless elegance. To the public eye, I am graceful, well mannered yet playful. I adore pleasing which is just part of my Gemini personality, my outstanding reviews will prove this true.


Hayley Quinn

If you wish to make my acquaintance, please guide yourself to the reservation form found on my website, where I ask that you please provide me with all of the requested information.

You're also more than welcome to contact me via text or email.

**Please note that I do not accept phone calls.

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