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Curiosity Rose Thorne

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your luxuriously kinky Companion

I am a deeply passionate, imaginative, and playful woman with an adventurous heart. I believe in the raw power of erotic expression, that it has the potential to heal, transform, and transcend the ordinary. So, why should I conform to a particular niche? I am a sensual artist, a teacher, a domina, and a kink connoisseur. I am all these things and more as I continue to explore sexy ways of being in the world.

I've been known to be a sweetheart at times and a cruel mistress at others. Ultimately, at the center of it all, you'll find I am extremely caring and compassionate companion.

You might be.......

A lover of the sensual art of the tease, massage, and sensory play.

A devoted submissive looking for loving dicipline and guidance from a dedicated teacher.

A seeker of something new, wanting to get to know my sexy, and weird nature.

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