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Cheyenne Taylor · (321)331-6512 · Denver Escort

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Let’s go back. Back in time. A time in history when the bulk of your time was spent preparing for the next exam, and/or doing endless amounts of research for that 100 page paper due at the end of the semester. Did you ever wish there was a super hot woman available to study with? One capable of helping with both your course work and naughty thoughts?

Well now you do, but the only subject I am interested in helping you cover is the "The Art Of Satisfaction." From deep, stimulating, conversation, to a heavy breathing, good old fashion steamy encounter, I’ve got you covered!

I want you to explore and enjoy my body and all it has to offer. Treat it like you’ll never have another opportunity to have this good of a time again. In this state of mind is where the greatest and most exciting events happen. This state of being will set off the necessary chain of events that ends with a beautiful peak by both man and woman! It’s at this point that we can both say, Mission Accomplished!!

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